Lesser Known Saints

First off we have Kateri Tekakwitha’s feast this upcoming week it’s on the 17th, I did her last week and it is also the feasts of St. Cloud’s father Arnulf of Metz, the patron of Brewers as well as Silas’s, you remember him from Paul’s letters, this week. However I am not going to be covering them this week.

Mildthryth, Mildrith, Mildryth or Mildred, (fl.694–716×733)

Although you can spell her name so many different ways Mildred was an Abbess in Anglo-Saxon England. She as the daughter of the King of Mercia and Saint Eormenburga, her sisters are Saint Milburga of Much Wenlock and Saint Mildgyth. Mildred entered the Abbey of Minster-in-Thanet, which was established by her mother, in 694 and would eventually die there. This is about all we really know about Mildred.

Macrina the Younger (c.330– 19 July 379)

Macrina was born in Cappadocia and had nine siblings two of which are the great Cappadocian Fathers (Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa). Her father arranged for Macrina to be married but her fiance died before the wedding and Macrina became a nun and ascetic. Macrina was very influential on her younger brothers Basil and Gregory as she shunned life and devoted herself to the study of scriptures. It seems logical that Basil was inspired by Macrina when he was coming up with his “Rule” and the whole concept of formal monasticism as we know it today.

Jadwiga or Hedwig (1373/4 – 17 July 1399)

Jadwiga has an interesting story as she was the youngest daughter of Louis I of Hungry and Elizabeth of Bosnia, she was royalty through and through. After Louis of Hungry died in 1382, her older sister Mary took the throne, yet the people in Poland disliked this and expelled Mary’s betrothed and after two years of negotiations with Elizabeth and a civil war Jadwiga/Hedwig came to Krakow and was crowned King of Poland. She was named king as there was no provision in Polish law for a female ruler and it did not specify that the King had to be a male. So by the age of ten she was the ruler of a country. One of the biggest things that happened next was he marriage to Jogaila of Lithuania who was baptized Władysław and united Lithuania and Poland. Unfortunately Jadwiga life was cut short as she died due to complications in childbirth and she and her daughter are buried at Wawel Cathedral. She was a talented linguist speaking at least five languages and adored education one of her major accomplishments is restoring the Krakow Academy (Jagiellonian University).


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