World Cup Finals/ Prediction update

After the first semifinal game it was nice to see a close game once again. So a I got one right and the other wrong, just as most pundits around the world who were hoping for Brazil to make it to the final. So both games will be CONMEBOL (South America) against UEFA (Europe), as Argentina beat the Netherlands in a shootout 4-2 after the game ended tie at nil.

Both games should be interesting. In the Third Place game Brazil will want to bounce back from such a horrible loss and the Netherlands coach, Louis van Gaal, has already asked why this game is even being played as there are no other Consolation bracket games to determine who is 5th place or lower. Louis van Gaal is expected to have a completely new lineup, and we could expect the same from Brazil as teams often give playing time to squad members who didn’t play much in the tournament. I still am going to stick with Brazil to win, even though it is only the third place game.

For the final match we have Argentina meeting with Germany in a rematch of the 1986 and 1990 final. They split these two matches with Argentina winning 3-2 in ’86 and Germany winning with a penalty kick 1-0 in ’90.  We all can hope that we get a game closer in quality to the 1986 version of the game. This being the third time they have met in the final it now becomes the most played Final match of them all. Germany had a dominant performance over Brazil in the semifinals will it carry over to the final or will it be like in the group stage where they out played Portugal and then tied Ghana. Argentina has played six very close games, and from the looks of it they can deal with a team who is capable of scoring a lot of goals.

If Germany win this will be the first time that Germany proper will have won a World Cup as their previous win have been by West Germany.  Also if they manage to win it will be the first time that a European team will do so in the Americas. Looking at the other games that Argentina has played this final should be a close one as well. I am hoping that Argentina wins as Lionel Messi is considered the best player in the world and only thing that he hasn’t accomplished is winning the World Cup.



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