News Round up

Movies: Disney is at it again. They have announced intentions to make a live action Dumbo movie. Disney seems to be in that place right now where they are making a whole lot of live action versions of their animated classics, it began with Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) has recently followed suit and people seemed to like these movies. So we have many more on the way Cinderella is due to be released in the Spring, and they are currently working on live action adaptations of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention the rumors of films about Cruella DeVil and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Ranger, along with the remakes of Pete’s Dragon and Flight of the Navigator. As much as these stories are great I would like to see something different. Sure Disney owns most of the rights to the stories but it would be wonderful if they do some more original stories instead of rehashing old one.

Books: JK Rowling has written a new Harry Potter tale. Over at Pottermore, Rowling has been covering the 2014 Quiddich World Cup. It is a jaunty read written by Rita Skeeter, about how Dumbledore’s Army is reunited at the World Cup. If you are a fan of Harry Potter go check it out.

On the other side of the book spectrum the Kickstarter for Reading Rainbow has been a smash success and it’s broken records.  Because of the generous support Reading Rainbow will soon be available on almost every platform, including Xbox, PlayStation and Apple TV, and will be broadcast free to 7,500 classrooms across the country.  For those who still want to help out there is a Backerkit for it now. Reading Rainbow has raised about 6 1/2 million dollars so far and I hope that number goes even higher.

Sports: It need to be noted Brazil got their butts handed to them yesterday the 7-1 loss to Germany is the worst lost ever for Brazil and the worst lost in a semifinal at the World Cup as well. Also Miroslav Kolse broke the record for most goals all time at the World Cup with 16. Deadspin notes that it take the record from the 1930 US squad who shared the record with a 6-1 loss.

Space: NASA has confirmed that Voyager I is in Interstellar space. Now we can only hope that it doesn’t come back in 270 years and try to kill us all.


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