World Cup Semifinals/prediction update

This time I did a great job with my prediction as I got them both right. This upcoming round will be a tough one since we are getting so close to the final match.

Brazil vs Germany: They have met before and were even the final match in the 2002 World Cup, the last time Brazil won. It will be a tough outing for both sides, Brazil will be down two men Neymar, who got a knee to the back and fractured a vertebra, and team captain Thiago Silva, who will be out due to yellow card accumulation. Despite these odds I think that Brazil has the feeling that they have to make it up for the last time they hosted the World Cup. Germany has made it this far the past three World Cups finishing third in the last two and falling to Brazil in 2002 final, and Germany has only beaten Brazil four times in the 21 meetings between the sides.  Brazil will make it to the final.

Netherlands vs Argentina: These teams have met eight before the last time in the World Cup they played to a 0-0 draw in the group stage of the 2006 World Cup. This match is a bit more difficult to guess as the Netherlands team did a wonderful job in the Group Stage this year scoring up a storm but as they have advanced the goal totals have dropped. Costa Rica took Holland to PKs in the last round and Argentina has gotten through with only a pair of goals in the past two games scoring very early in the last game and very late in the last round. Now either one of these team would make for a good challenge in the Final as both teams have basically a even win/loss against Brazil with a bunch of draws between the teams as well. With all the past winners of World Cup held in the Americas being a team from the Americas it would be great if Argentina made it to the final. Although it would be cool to see Netherlands make it to the final match again, as they have never won a World Cup.  Despite this it seems smarter to pick Argentina to advance. So the two European sides will meet in the third place game.


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