14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are back to the regular scheduled readings this week and back to good old Ordinary Time, although we’ve been in this season since after Corpus Christi. We begin with a reading from the prophet Zechariah; he was a post-exile prophet during the reign of Darius the Great and is the eleventh of the twelve Minor Prophets. Our reading come from the visions section of his book and some scholars also point out this is an example of apocalyptic literature. We hear today about how the Messiah will come, “riding on an ass on a colt, the foal of an ass” and then the Messiah will unite the Northern and Southern Kingdoms and he shall reign over all, from sea to shining sea. Is this where Matthew was inspired for the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem?

As we turn our attention to the second reading we hear from Paul’s letter to the Romans. In this reading Paul brings up the sarx/pneuma (flesh/spirit) deal. Here he says that we are not in the flesh but in the spirit as the Spirit of God lives in all of us. Paul makes mentions that if we live by the flesh we will die by the flesh so we need to have the spirit of God in our lives. As we reach the Gospel from the beginning we are hit with a powerful statement, “…for although you have hidden… from the wise and learned you have revealed them to little ones.” This means a lot. Jesus is introducing the Father to the people and says that God is hidden from the wise and learned but can easily be found by children. Simple as that the more you learn and try to understand about God the more confusing it gets to be. Then we have the no one know the Father except the Son and anyone who the Son wishes to reveal him to. I hope that this week we are inspired to follow in the footstep of Jesus and come to him like children so that we can enjoy the kingdoms of God. The Kingdom of God is something that I hope we all are trying to build it here on the Earth in our communities, through the work of the spirit and the New Evangelization efforts that are being undertaken recently.


2 thoughts on “14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. I would put it like this: our Lord fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah when he entered Jerusalem riding a colt and St. Matthew was inspired by the Holy Spirit to give us his account of that event.

    • Yes, that is better worded. However, Matthew was inspired by a whole lot of the Old Testament. About a dozen time Matthew stop the narrative and plops in some of the Old Testament.

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