News Round up

Presidents: Quinnipiac University has released a new poll which give the best and worst Presidents since 1945. The results of the poll were interesting, the best Presidents top three were the typical ones (Reagan, Clinton, JFK)  with Obama coming in at fourth. On the other side, the worst President, included the usual suspects Carter, Nixon and G.W. Bush and on the top of the list of the worst was Barack Obama. This was one of the weirder results that I’ve seen and makes me wonder if things continue as they have been with Congress how the future will view him. In the current age of Politics in Washington it is so divided could this be why Bush and Obama are at the top of the worst list.

Musicals: This past week I heard about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s newest mini musical on This American Life. So I finally got around to listening to it and it was fun, I can only assume that watching it is even better. What I am really looking forward to in Miranda’s newest full length musical which is derived from the Hamilton Mixtape.

While I was looking around on reddit I found that there were plans to make a Batman musical. The Batman musical would have been interesting at least from the demos provided on the website.Batman would have had music music and lyrics by Jim Steinman. I know there have been other superheros that got a turn in on the musical stage. It all started with Superman in the Strouse/Adam musical It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane. It’s Superman came out in 1966 and it wasn’t that popular, the song “You’ve Got Possibilities” is perhaps the most memorable number from the show. It took 45 years until the next superhero got a musical and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark came along. The Bono and The Edge musical is best known for the long and it seems arduous process in which it was put on stage running 182 previews before officially opening and being the most expensive musical ever.

Space: ISEE-3’s engine has fired, and they hope to send up a redirection next week. The other Space story is something that seem out of left field. Colonization of Venus? According to the article this would be possible because we could make a floating city  like Cloud City as floating in Venus’s atmosphere is easy to do and as you move off the ground it gets cooler and at about 30 miles up there is a sweet spot for human habitation. While this would be cool I think we need to make a large enough space station above our own planet in order to make space flight a normal thing like flying in an airplane. Also if we were to build a colony the most logical location will be the moon for the first outpost, and from there I think we could reach further in space.




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