World Cup knockout Round of 8/Prediction update

So the Round of 16 is over and boy were the winners of the group stage great, as they all won, although there were many close games. We’ve learned one major thing in the tournament so far and that is that the United States squad has really made a name for themselves in the 20 years since hosting the World Cup. The big question that we face right now is if The United States will watch the rest of the World Cup and pay attention to the MLS now that the national team is out.

As it turns out we do not get any of the cool matches that I wanted in the Round of 8. I picked about half of the teams correctly, let’s see if that continues. One of the interesting things that happened in this round is that goals were scored late in games about a dozen after 90 minutes. Also five matches went into extra time, and Tim Howard had an incredible game recording 16 saves in a game setting a record for most saves at the World Cup


Brazil vs Columbia: I’m still pulling for Brazil to win it all as redemption for 1950. This will be Brazil’s first time meeting Columbia in the World Cup.
France vs Germany: This one I don’t really care who wins. It would be nice to see Germany get another third place finish in the World Cup as they have at the previous two World Cups.
Netherlands vs Costa Rica: Once again these teams have never met. Costa Rica has played tough but they have lots of players with yellow cards, so it seem like Netherlands is the team to choose to win.
Argentina vs Belgium: Judging from the way Belgium played the United States today (thanks, Tim Howard) and the number of yellow cards on both sides. I think sticking with Argentina is a safer bet.

I hope for two South America vs Europe in the next round


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