News Round up

Sports: FIFA’s disciplinary committee has opened an investigation into the bite that took place in yesterday’s Uruguay/Italy match. Uruguay’s Luis Suarez was caught on camera biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini and it went by with out notice by the ref on the field. FIFA asked for evidence to be presented by Wednesday evening and they will make a ruling by Saturday. Suarez has been suspended for biting before and he could be banned for two months to two years.

Movies: Eli Wallach, noted character actor has died at 98. So we should be seeing an Eli Wallach marathon on TCM soon. Wallach is best known for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and was a celebrated stage actor often time working with his wife.  An event in his life serves as inspiration for The Godfather as Frank Sinatra as got the part of Maggio in From Here to Eternity over Wallach although this may just be an old Hollywood legend. Wallach also portrayed Mr. Freeze on the Batman television show.

Stephen Sondheim backpedals on Disney’s adaptation of Into the Woods. Last week there was that New Yorker article and it caused an uproar in the Musical theatre community online. So Sondheim has come out after seeing the film and reassured fans that Any Moment and the Baker’s wife and the Prince’s dalliance are still in the movie and that fans of the musical shouldn’t be concerned with Disney sanitizing the adult nature of the story.

Space: NASA has detected something in Space. Sure this is very detailed information but Astronomers have detected a mysterious signal in the Perseus Cluster some 240 million light year away. The signal is a “spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of X-ray light” and although they are not entirely sure what it is. Some have suggested that it could be produced from the “decay of sterile neutrinos”  this particle is a leading candidate for what Dark Matter may be. Sounds cool whatever it is. I hope that scientist can identify whatever it is and it hopefully can convince the US Government to care a little more about Space and science in general


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