Triple Crown? Belmont Stakes

It seems like once again there is a shot for the Triple Crown to be awarded this year. California Chrome has won the Derby and the Preakness and today at the Belmont, California Chrome is a heavy favorite. The Triple Crown in Horse Racing in America has not been won since Affirmed in 1978. There have been twelve horses that have gotten this far in the years since but none has been able to win the longest of the three races.

The American Triple Crown consists of The Kentucky Derby (10 furlongs) run on the 1st  Saturday in May, The Preakness Stakes (9.5 furlongs) run on the 3rd Saturday in May and The Belmont Stakes (12 furlongs) run on the 1st Saturday in June. Some have suggested that having these three races back to back is what has prevented many a horse to attain this lofty achievement. I think this isn’t really the thing that has prevent a Triple Crown since over in England that have their own Triple Crown which has not been won since 1970 and these races are run with ample time between.

California Chrome has that blue collar story with it which make it a sentimental favorite. However in the previous two races California Chrome has only won by a total of like 3 lengths and California Chrome seem to fade toward the end. The Belmont in the longest of the races and with that extra track I am not sure California Chrome will be able to hold on to the lead. It would be huge news if California Chrome won for the whole horse racing community, but we’ve been here before and the favorite has not done well. It is nice to see that interest has grown this year and I suspect this to be a record for viewers of the Belmont.

Those folks in the 70s were pretty lucky to have not one but three Triple Crown winners and ever since we’ve been waiting. I was born in the 80s and missed those magic summers. Hopefully some day the Triple Crown will be won again and we all can witness history.



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