Lesser Known Saints

As I look up these Saints each week I find that most of them come from the early centuries of the Church with a smattering of newer Saints as well. This week I am also going to talk about GK Chesterton, who is not a saint, but was a very influential apologists and author.

Ephrem the Syrian (ca. 306 – 373)
Ephrem is a Doctor of the Church. He was a deacon who wrote many poems, hymns and biblical commentaries. His works are celebrated throughout the Christian world. Some call his works practical theology for the of the church in troubled times. It sound like we might need to go back to Ephrem and read some of his works as it seems that the Church is still in troubled times.

Saint Chlodulf /Clodulphe/ Clodould or simply Saint Cloud (605 – June 8, 696 or June 8, 697, others say May 8, 697)
Here we have an interesting one not much is really known about Saint Cloud but he was the son of Arnulf, bishop of Metz. Perhaps best known as being a ancestor of Charles Martel. In 657 he followed in the footsteps of his father and became bishop of Metz. While bishop he was close with his sister-in-law Gertude of Nivelles and he decorated the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

Methodios I or Methodius I (788/800 – June 14, 847)
Methodios is perhaps best known as being the Patriarch who finally ended the Iconoclasm that took place in the East. Methodios was born wealthy and had hoped to work in the emperor’s court, but he entered the monastery and became an abbot. While he was alive the second Iconoclasm began and Methodios was sent to Rome, when he returned to Constantinople he was arrested for being in favor of Icons by 829 he was released and working under an even more extreme iconoclast. In 843 he became Patriarch of Constantinople and was there to restore the Icons back in the Hagia Sofia. He had a short reign but he tried to be accommodating to those who were Iconoclasts.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (29 May 1874 – 14 June 1936)
GK Chesterton is an English author lay theologian, poet, philosopher, dramatist, journalist, orator, literary and art critic, biographer, and Christian apologist. He is also someone who I believe we need to read today . GK was a convert from Anglicanism. His most famous character is Father Brown (BBC has a Father Brown series currently airing) and his most well known book it The Man Who Was Thursday. Most of his fiction contains some Christian allegory, but it not beaten at you at all time. I have only read a couple works of fiction by Chesterton but it seems like he is an author that we to remember.


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