Cashback (2006)

For the longest time I had only know this movie had some nudity in it and that was it. I didn’t know much else and the trailer didn’t give much away so I was going in blind. As with all my film reviews there are spoilers below so please proceed with caution.

Cashback began as  a short film in 2004 and was later expanded into a feature length film in 2006. The film itself tells the story of Ben, an art student, as he tries to recover from a painful breakup that leads him to insomnia. With his extra 8 hours he decides that he might as well work at the local grocery store where he can get cash back for his 8 hours. While working at the store he develops a way to pass the time by “freezing time” in which Ben can wander around and undress and draw various females in the store. As Ben works he develops a crush on one of his co-workers Sharon, and it is mutual. Ben starts “freezing time” to draw Sharon.

One day their boss, Jenkins,  gets them to play football (soccer) one weekend and they suffer an embarrassing loss, Ben freezes time and discovers that there are other people in his frozen world. In order to boost morale after the debacle on the pitch Jenkins invites everyone to his birthday party. Sharon and Ben go together. While at the party they run into Ben’s ex and at one point she kisses Ben, Sharon sees this and runs out. Ben goes to explain but it doesn’t turn out well. The next day Ben get a phone call from an art gallery they are interested in his work, but it is from some of his colleagues from work.

One of the cool things about the film is that the short film  is incorporated seamlessly into the feature film. This is a nice little romantic comedy, with a little twinge of fantasy in it. Many reviewers of the film dislike the film for the amount of nudity in the film, the lack of depth in the characters and the inevitable romance between Ben and Sharon. The film offers a look at the concept of time, and female beauty but these are shallow.  I do not think that the nudity in the film is not that excessive as it is used to explain how he became interested in art and the beauty of the female form. I think that in expanding from the short film into a feature length film in only 7 days might be the reason for many of the problems in the film. All in all it’s a nice little romance it you are looking for a film and are not offended by a little bit of nudity. It’s on Netflix and isn’t half bad.





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