Spy Wednesday

According to most chronologies of Holy Week not much happens on Holy Wednesday. It is the day in which Judas goes to the high priests and says I will hand over Jesus to you.

So on to the News Round up being Holy Week it will be roughly religious in nature.

One of the bigger stories that has come out recently is the whole finding of the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife“. In 2012 a historian found a parchment fragment  which is supposedly a translation of a gospel (perhaps 2nd century greek)  into Egyptian Coptic that included the line “Jesus said to them, ‘my wife’…” I have never studied Coptic and the full text has not be released yet so we really don’t know what else the fragment really says. The Vatican was prompt to call it a forgery. So they did some dating of the fragment and it comes from the sometime between the 6th and 9th century.  Researchers have said that there shouldn’t be much taken by the statement as none of the Early Church Fathers ever mentioned this text before and the text should be read symbolically.

There was blog post recently that I really liked. Over on . there is a nice post it came out some time last month but it brought up a great point. All to often Catholics like to identify themselves and others as a certain type of Catholic (traditional, John Paul II, Francis, Vatican II, Pre-Conciliar, etc) and I believe that this really makes no difference in the long run. If anyone wants to self identify they need to have a mix of all of these different types of Catholics. Sure many living self-identify with John Paul II as he was the Pope for most of our lives, but being a JPII Catholic means that you are also a Vatican II Catholic as well as much of the interpretation of Vatican II come from JPII, and Benedict and Francis  have both used John Paul II as a stepping stone. With the Catholic Church nothing is ever thrown out it just gets refined .

Last but not least I would like to direct everyone to read Pope Francis homily from Palm Sunday. It was completely off the cuff and is a great thing to reflect upon this week. Who am I, it is a simple question but it has great meaning. Sure the week is half over but over the next couple of day I hope that the words of Francis resonate within you.



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