Blasts from the Past

For the past couple of nights I’ve been going through some files on my computer and boxes of old photos and  and stumbled across some really old thing.

This idea to clean up came after my I was dog sitting for my sister and when he left I had a bunch of fur all over the place so I decided to clean up my place and move some things around. This is where I found a majority of the old things. There were a bunch a cards that I’ve saved over the years from birthdays and other occasions, The oldest is a letter from one of my older sisters to me she was in fourth grade and I was in first grade. It’s a touching letter from a sister to a little brother. Amongst the cards there was even a Valentine’s Day card from back in elementary school we made in computer class. It reads “You smell nice, you eat rice with some spice. Happy Valentine’s.” I really like the rhyme of this little poem.

My favorite file I found on the computer has to be a list of my Instant Message buddies. I was one of those individuals that after awhile left AIM (AOL Instant Messager) and when to a third party version, the last version I used was Digby. So I compiled a list to make sure they all were working on the different services. Now, I haven’t instant messaged anyone using AIM or other services like that in like eight or so years so. It’s funny to see these names once again and try to remember who they belonged to. The list itself is like 150 people long and I can identify like 60 of them. I wonder if I installed some instant messaging service if these people would still exist online. As I do most of my messaging through thefacebook and/or email currently.

There were also a couple of those early facebook things that were like 25 things you don’t know about me or the ever popular book one, if you are of a certain age it’s those things that used to be those long chain letter from back in the day, I’ve got a couple of those but in hard copy as well.

I think on of the funnier things is at one point in time I  wanted to have an official list of all the music I owned, this was before I got an external hard drive which now contains all my music. So it was a list of the physical compact disc as well as music I have gotten from other people and burned onto my computer. These files are funny as I haven’t even looked at them in seven years and my library has expanded even more in the passing years.

Every now and then it is nice to look back into the past and look through old photos and old documents that are stacked in piles just about everywhere. I think one of the coolest thing I found was a book, Baboushka and the Three Kings by Ruth Robbins, inscribe to me by my second grade teacher. I’ll do a write up on it next Epiphany.


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