Lars and the Real Girl (2007) and Pennies from Heaven (1981)

Since the Olympics are on basically all the other channels place their shows on hiatus for these two week so there is next to nothing on and it really doesn’t help that going to any website you are hit with the results. So I’ve been watching some movie lately. Please be advised that I will be discussing the movies below and there are bound to be spoilers. To begin both of these films were wonderful and I would consider hidden gems for Steve Martin and Ryan Gosling. If you have to time to watch either go ahead, Pennies from Heaven is a bit more difficult to get into than Lars and the Real Girl but to each their own.

One of the latest I’ve watched is Lars and the Real Girl I was a bit skeptical when my mother suggested I watch a movie about a sex robot but it was a pleasant surprise. It really has nothing to do with that and more to do with relationships. We begin with a quirky reclusive young man, Lars (Ryan Gosling), who lives in the converted garage of his family home with was bequeathed to him and Gus, his brother after their father died. Gus and his wife Karin live in the house and are expecting their first child. They want Lars to be able to interact with them and society as a whole but it seems pointless. Until one day Lars get a visitor, a wheelchair bound missionary from Brazil Bianca (an anatomically correct sex doll). Concerned about his health Lars is brought to the doctors so they both Lars and Bianca can be checked upon by a Psychologist. Lars is diagnosed with a delusion and the doctor ask for Gus and Karin to go along with Lars and treat Bianca as a real person to help aid in his treatment. Over time Bianca become loved by everyone in the community and Lars is able to be a part of the community.

The film that I just watched is Pennies from Heaven from 1981. It is a Steve Martin film but it is not a comedy and it’s a bizarre musical as well. Some consider this the  It is based on a BBC miniseries of the same name from 1978. This is the first drama in Steve Martin’s filmography and his second film with Bernadette Peters.  The music is all lip-synched with the actors mouthing the words and dancing. One of the best thing about the movie is that it has Christopher Walken in it and has a wonderful little dance number. This is a film that need to be rediscovered as it seems like it speaks to a more modern audience as it has the general idea of not taking our lives for granted. Since as the song tells us it rains pennies from heaven and our fortune is all over town if we keep our umbrellas upside down.



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