I would consider myself a “bad friend” sure I make sure to facebook them a birthday message or a congratulation on the birth of your child, but for most of them it has been years since I last saw them or I only briefly caught up with them for a couple of hours. So it was nice when one of my friends had a gathering while they were home for Christmas it was nice to see people. Sure I didn’t really know about half the people there but it was still fun getting together and hearing how they all are doing.

This topic comes up since its been 11 years since I graduated high school. yes typically it’s a 10 year reunion but it seems that no one wanted to get the ball moving and so this upcoming January there will be a celebration. Currently I am on the fence about attending the event currently most of the people who have bought tickets I didn’t hang out with, sure I had a class or two with them but that’s about it and as of right now only like a baker’s dozen of people are going.

So after this gathering last night I was listen to the cast recording of Little Fish, it’s basically a musical about friendship, we hear in one of the song that we need to¬† “Do your job/be a friend/swim with me” in the song friendship is like a school of fish with friends watching out for one another. This brings up a larger question of what does being a friend really mean in the world today when we are all facebook “friends” to begin with. If you pray and care about them even if they are miles away is that good enough to be considered real friends. It is so much easier to deal with friendships when you are in college and your friends are all within blocks of you.

Over on Unequally Yoked there is a post on the meaning of friendship as depicted in The Muppet Christmas Carol, talking about Scrooge in relation to the song “Thankful Heart” it is a cool read. Anything about The Muppets is a cool read.

To all my friends reading this I am sorry for being a bad friend and I will try to be a better friend in the upcoming year.