Christmas Addresses

It’s the second day of Christmas and just a friendly reminder the season is not over, until January 13, 2014.  I hope that we all can bring the joy of Christmas into the other times of the year.

As it seems traditional now we have the Pope and other releasing Christmas addresses. Pope Francis in his Urbi et Orbi message reflected on the words of the angels “Glory to God” and “peace to mankind”, the whole message is worth the read it is fairly short and they are something that we need to bring into the World. Archbishop of Canterbury got into the act as well addressing injustices in England and around the globe. The Archbishop even went on Instagram and Twitter to spread his message. Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople also released an encyclical for Christmas 2013. All of these are worth a read.

I hope that we all can take some time and reflect on what these holy individuals had to say and we take them into our hearts.