Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Cover of "Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)"

Last week I was puzzled what to put at the top of the Netflix queue I knew I wanted a Christmas movie I had never seen and the one movie on my queue that fit this billing was Joyeux Noel, a film about the Christmas Truce in 1914 along the Western Front. It sounds like an interesting film and its a movie about WWI, a lesser known war. I had wanted to watch the movie before the Opera based on the movie, titled Silent Night, airs on PBS. However it said there was a long wait for Joyeux Noel so I had to find another Christmas movie.

As luck would have it I stumbled upon a real gem in Christmas in Connecticut.

Cover of "Christmas in Connecticut"

It stars Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane, the magazine writer who is a famed housewife and gourmet cook who lives with her husband and child in a farm in Connecticut. The film begins with a U-boat sinking an American ship leaving only two survivors, Jefferson Jones and Seymour Sinkiewicz, they drift along for 18 day before rescue. As they are recuperating they trick their nurses to get them real food by pretending to fall in love with the nurses. In an attempt to get away from his nurse Jefferson admits that he doesn’t know what a real home is and isn’t sure he wants to get married. The nurse sends a letter to the publisher of Elizabeth’s magazine for Jefferson to spend Christmas with Elizabeth Lane and her family to show him what a real home is.

The story shifts to New York City where Elizabeth lives in a small apartment, is unmarried and can’t cook. it just so happens that her friend Felix is the one providing the recipes and menu for her column. Elizabeth is summoned to see the publisher on her magazine and he tells her that Jefferson Jones will be coming to her place for Christmas and before Elizabeth leaves he invites himself to join them as well. So Elizabeth must come up with a ruse to get through Christmas without the publisher finding out she is a fraud. This is where the film gets great as it turns into a screwball comedy.

Christmas in Connecticut is a great movie for the whole family. This is one of those movies that everyone needs to see at least once. It is a lesser known classic Christmas film and is a blast to watch. The best news of all is Turner Classic Movies will be airing it twice this upcoming week Sunday at 2pm and on Christmas Eve at 8pm. Hopefully you can enjoy this movie with the whole family this Christmas.

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