Christmas Carols

It that time of year where it seem like it is impossible to escape carols of song type. As they are found just about everywhere, some radio stations become all Christmas all the time, every television show has to have the holiday episode, and the commercials are absolutely ridiculous.

This past Sunday The Simpsons had a clever episode which featured some of the traditional carols and Marge insisted that only the first verse be sung as the second verses get weird and overtly religious. However there is such a wide variety of music besides the traditional carols and even the popular ones like White Christmas and Jingle Bells.

One such example is Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols as we celebrate his 100th birthday this year it seems that many choral directors have turned to this and picked out a song from his Ceremony of Carols or decided to sing it all. This is a welcome surprise and it is beautiful to listen to, if you haven’t heard it head over to youtube and watch/listen it it.

We also can’t forget about the novelty songs of Christmas as well. Earlier this week my sister shared with me one of these Monster Holiday, the Monster Mash for Christmas.

Over on the Huffington Post they have a nice list of the other not so familiar Christmas songs unfortunately it doesn’t include I Want Elvis for Christmas on the list. Have some fun listen to some of this joyful music and I hope that everyone has at least started their gift shopping.