News Round up

It’s that time of the week again.

Religion– Pope Francis celebrated his 77th birthday by canonizing Peter Faber, whom he had spoken as a favorite among those in heaven in his big interview (A Big Heart Open to God). Faber is one of the co-founders of the Jesuit order and was known for preaching to all including the destitute and needy. The process for Peter Faber to become a saint was different from others as Pope Francis dispensed with the formal process as Faber has been venerated for a very long time as even Francis de Sales referred of Faber as a Saint, and Faber had been a Blessed since 1872.

Literature- There is a strange announcement that has came from Sweden about the popular The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. The publisher has said that they have hired a writer to write more books in this series. The trilogy by Stieg Larsson has sold over 75 million copies and been made into movies in the US and in Sweden.  According to the report the new book will not include anything from the fourth book that was being written when Larsson dies. Does the publisher want the other 7 book in the supposed 10 book series, it just seems a bit ridiculous.

Cars– Now this story is pretty cool McLaren, known for its racing team is in the process of developing a new process that would replace windshield wiper from future cars. According to the report McLaren’s chief designer has hinted  that it will be like a force field of sound and it would keep just about everything (rain, bugs, and other debris like pollen, flyers) off your windshield. Hopefully the concept works and we start seeing this force field thing on cars soon.

Technology– According to a report in the WSJ a $38 tablet will soon be coming to the United States. Datawind the firm behind the $38 tablet also will offer three other models ranging in price up to $149. Sure these will not be the most glamorous tablets like the iPad or the various Androids or even the Windows Surfaces but that is not the purpose. The main plan is to drive access to the internet. There is also mention of bringing these into low income communities and schools. This is a brilliant plan and I am surprised that no one else has cared to serve this community. Perhaps this will also help to lower the price of the pricier tablets on the market.