Sound of Music Live and Nelson Mandela

On Thursday evening something happened that hadn’t been seem on network television for 50 years a live broadcast of a musical. It just so happened that the musical that NBC picked happens to have a widely successful film version that is adored by millions of fans. The Sound of Music. Thankfully they chose the stage version of the show to separate themselves from that film with Julie Andrews, in doing so the characters of Max and Elsa are also expanded.

When the announced that Carrie Underwood would be taking to role of Maria at first it seemed exciting. Carrie Underwood is a great singer and it will be great to have a new Sound of Music. Then they filled the cast will a bunch of other people as well mixing Broadway and television stars. When it all came together it’s not like it wasn’t a hugely successful production and I surely hope that NBC and the other networks take notice of this. All in all it was okay. There could have been some better casting choices, placing the whole show on someone who is a great singer but a mediocre actor or a great actor but can’t sing is a problem. The other big problem was a lack of chemistry in general.

Also the sad news coming from South Africa, of Nelson Mandela‘s death although we all knew that this day was coming, after his recent hospital stays. Nelson Mandela is well known around the world as the key player in dismantling Apartheid in South Africa. He is considered by some to be the father of South Africa. There are several movies about Mandela’s life the most recent Mandela: Long Way to Freedom is in movie theaters now. Mandela touched all aspects of life and has inspired generations around the world.