News Roundup

Sports: This is disturbing news as Delta bumps all passengers on a scheduled flight to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon so the Florida Gators basketball team could go play a game in Storrs against UConn on Monday evening., as the plane that they had chartered was in for repairs. This is just a bone headed move, the team could have waited out the repairs and taken a later flight and gotten in sometime Monday morning, isn’t that what professional players do?

In more college sports news University¬† of Southern California has hired a Head Coach they didn’t go with the obvious choice of Ed Orgeron, who replaced Lane Kiffin mid season and went 6-2. Once again USC went into the Pete Carroll coaching staff and pulled a head coach, this time Kiffin’s co-offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. He is/was the head coach at Washington where they have been a middling team¬† 5-4 in conference the past four seasons. will he be any better at USC?

Movies: Over on Jezebel they have a list of the best movie musicals of all times and that’s pretty cool but it is the news for Andrew Lloyd Webber that is the most shocking. According to an interview with the Daily Mail Webber says that a Cats movie musical could be coming to screens soon. I am thrilled that there is a new revival of movie musicals being made but Cats isn’t one of the musicals that seem to adapt itself easily to film perhaps animated? Also Cats already has the stage version available on DVD/Blu-ray/VHS.

In semi-related news NBC will be airing their”Live” broadcast of the stage version of The Sound of Music on Thursday and it will be the most “hate-watched” show of the week. I mean it’s not like the Julie Andrews movie is going to disappear come Friday morning, and it is the stage version on top of it all.