Iron Man 3 (2013)

There are bound to be spoilers so please read with caution. With Iron Man 3 out on DVD I had a chance to watch it again and I still don’t like it.

First off Tony Stark is supposedly this huge jerk off to everyone and is only care about himself,  I mean he’s told the world that he is Iron Man yet we still have the Pepper and Tony relationship thing going on and it seems to be more serious than we last saw it. To start off I don’t think Pepper is that interesting of a character and now giving her Extermis which gives her super powers it seems like in the next film we will be getting Pepper in a suit for more than a scene. It would be nice if Pepper and Tony’s relationship actually meant something, in the comic book Pepper and Happy were a thing before she made eyes at Tony, a “love triangle” would have punched up this instead of Tony having another attractive woman come around.

There were some parts of the movie that I liked as well. The Mandrian thing not being a single person but really just an idea was one of my favorite thing about the movie, perhaps this can be continued in any sequels to come. Tony interacting with the kid in Tennessee was nice as well. Then the whole thing at the end with the movie being Tony talking it through to Bruce Banner it got a chuckle but that’s about it. Tony’s out of the suit for most of the movie and he has PTSD not really great things in a movie about Iron Man.

All in all the movie seemed kind of like Iron Man 2 where we learned it wasn’t the suits that made the hero but the person behind the suits. Tony explodes he entire inventory of suits (although it seems he will have another one in the new Avengers movie) and wants to dedicate his life to pleasing Pepper. It seems like the whole trilogy is asking us a question about identity, Who am I? Am I my parent? Am I the person I want to be?

One of the overall things in the whole series that I disliked is that the villains in all of the stories have died. If they could only make a movie version of “Demon in a Bottle” where Tony struggles with Alcoholism, or some other story like this where it isn’t a human problem that he faces but a personal interior problem.  Sure it was a fun movie but it wasn’t the greatest Iron Man movie ever.


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