Amour (2012)

Yesterday I got around to watching Amour, winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, the Palme d’Or at Cannes, and a bunch of other awards. Any way you put it I’ve gotten around to watching all the films that were nominated for Best Picture. Is Argo the best movie out of the group, that’s really a personal opinion, and at least the Oscar voters thought so.

Amour is a French\German\Austrian production directed by Michael Haneke and it tells the story of an old married couple that care for each other until death or something. The movie looked wonderful, the acting was great Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-louis Trintignant play the old married couple and they are phenomenal in the roles. It offers up the question of how to manage the suffering of those you love. I didn’t quite get the movie perhaps it is because I am too young to understand it or I might have not been reading the subtitles fast enough. If this were on television i would have passed over it and tried to find something better, but maybe if I give it like 30 years or so I might be able to relate to it better.



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