The Big Interview

So Pope Francis had a little chat with Antonio Spadaro S.J. that was published yesterday in all the Jesuit journal/magazines around the world and have exploded all over the internets. The media outlets are having a great time with this interview. The interview came as shocking to some people but some people have suggested that this is the beginning of the “remaking” of the papacy.

If you haven’t read it, I would strongly suggest going and reading it here, or here.

Right off the in the interview we are told by the Pope himself that he is a sinner and he says that these are the best definition. This is something that we all tend to forget about each other human beings and at times ourselves as well. We are all sinner, plain and simple there is nothing that can change that, it’s in our blood. There is the wonderful sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession whatever you want to call it and we need to use it more often than most of us use it.

We also learn that the Holy Father likes Peter Faber, one of the co-founders of the Society of Jesus. Blessed Peter Faber is the Jesuit co-founder that everyone tends to forget. Francis goes on says that he see the Church as a field hospital after a battle, the church needs to heal wounds and warm the heats of the faithful. This can be done by proclaiming Jesus to the world on every street corner. Each and every Sunday we hear at the end of mass that we are sent forth to live the Gospel in the world, we take what we learn through the homily and the readings and bring it to action in out lives during the week.

The Pope made a strong statement about how the Church needs to focus not only on the pressing topics of Abortion, gay marriage and contraceptive methods but on all the surrounding aspect of them, like homosexuality, women and sex. Francis goes on and later discusses the role of women and how women are an essential part of the Church, saying that Mary is even more important than bishops. His Holiness continues that the Church needs to figure out a role for women in the Church that can bring the feminine genius to the decision making process.

This is only a cursory overview of the interview I will get to the full thing later.



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