The Twelve Chairs (1970) and Intouchables (2011)

Recently I’ve watched a couple of movies

The Twelve Chairs is one of lesser known Mel Brooks films. It is based on the Russian novel of the same name by Ilf and Petrov. It tells the story of how a family’s riches were placed into a chair of their twelve piece dining set before the Russian Revolution, after the revolution they became property of the state and moved elsewhere. So the treasure hunters set off to find the riches. This is not a broad satire like so many other of his films, but it is a nice tribute to the epic Russian pieces like a Doctor Zhivago. This film is the screen debut of Frank Langella and features Mel Brooks in a minor role. The movie has plenty of laughs but it just isn’t like his other movie since it was adapted from a source rather than being an original idea. The story itself was very enjoyable but you could see it in many other movies as well. If you like Mel Brooks films this is good film to take the time to go see.

The Intouchables is a great movie, i thought it would be one of those semi-religious movies that seem to be big money, I mean it has a crippled man and a recovering convict, that is the perfect set up for a movie. However this film is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caregiver Abdel Sellou. As Philippe Pozzo di Borgo puts it they were “Two guys on the fringes of society that support each other” one a rich guy who was injured paragliding and lost his wife, and the other young guy who had just gotten out of jail who just want to get some unemployment benefits. This unlikely paring made for a very enjoyable evening.

In the movie Philippe hires Driss since Driss is the only person that treats him like a normal person and doesn’t take pity on him. Over the time they spend together they both are introduced to things they’ve never done before, the world of opera, Kool and the Gang,  classical music,  smoking, and high art. Driss after learning that art sells for so much tries his hand at it. All in all it is a great movie and i would recommend it to you all to go out and see. I think one of the best things that comes from this movie is Omar Sy has been introduced to the world. Sure there was that language barrier but I really appreciated his work in this film

If you have some time The Intouchables is streaming on Netflix currently and will provide you with a fun evening.


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