A Cat in Paris (2010) and Oh God! (1977)

So I was told that I would like the movie A Cat in Paris by a friend and I would have to agree with them on that.  My only pet peeve about it was that there was only the English dubbed version on Netflix‘s on demand. I for one like reading foreign films it seems that through the reading the viewer plays another role in  the story. Depending on what the movie is but there was not even an option for a secondary audio track, I guess they only provide the English since it is mostly kids who are going to watch it.

Caution Spoilers follow

So A Cat in Paris is about a cat in Paris. The cat is owned by Zoe, the daughter of a female police commissair, and the cat sneaks out at night and follows around a cat burglar, Nico.  While this is going on the mother is put in charge of security for the arrival of a statue from Africa at the Art Gallery and she has her eyes out for the man who killed her husband. One evening while the mother is at work Zoe sneaks out and follows the cat and hides in Nico’s house where Costa’s crew almost find her. Zoe is rescued by Nico and they run for it after a while they split up with Zoe going into the zoo with the cat.  Hoping that the robbers will not follow her.  At this point they meet back up and Nico is caught by the police for the robberies, and Zoe is said to be brought back home.  Being a children’s movie we already know that in the end they will all live happily ever after. There are some close calls at Notre Dame de Paris but afterwards we know that Nico and Zoe’s mother will become a family of some sorts. It was a cute movie and it is always nice to see a traditionally animated movie as it seem like computer generated movies are all that come out from Hollywood. We can only hope that this changes in the future.

I also watched Oh, God! the classic film with George Burns as God. Now this was a popular film series in the late 70s-80 s and it is a shame that this hasn’t seen a much buzz in the remake/reboot news pile. Oh, God! is a classic movie Jerry Landers (John Denver) is told by God to spread his message, At first Jerry is hesitant as he is a non believer but he goes out and proclaims the message that God gave him which is basically “The world can work with what God’s given us. or That it’s up to us to make it right.” We are the one that can fix the problems in the world as we caused most of them to begin with   Later on when Jerry is on trial God makes an appearance saying  “However hopeless, helpless, mixed up and scary it all gets, it can work. If you find it hard to believe in me, maybe it would help you to know that I believe in you.” We need to be reminded of this message every now and then, that although it may be difficult to believe at times God is always rooting for us to succeed.


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