Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)


Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_poster (Photo credit: Colony of Gamers)

This post will contain spoilers it you have not see the movie and wish to be unspoiled you should stop reading after this first bit. I am not one of those big Star Trek fans neither Trekker nor Trekkie or at least not of the original series crew Kirk/Spock. Growing up I would watch an episode of The Next Generation every now and then and I believe I watched the first episode of Voyager when it premiered. I’ve seen all of the movie since Generations and have seen the first two original Star Trek movies.

So the new time line that was established in the last movie with the time travel setting up an alternate time line in which all these stories can be now retold. Spock (old) is now stuck in the 23rd century with younger versions of the whole crew. Now there are some people out there that want to return to the original television premise of exploring the universe. Although all films are considered canonical, Roddenberry wasn’t too keen on all of the films as he noted that there are aspect of V and VI that he considers apocryphal.

I think this is far enough from the top to begin

Into Darkness begins on a M class planet Enterprise is parked in the ocean Kirk and Bones are being chased by the alien inhabitants and Spock, Sulu and Uhura are going to stop a volcano from exploding and wiping out the life form. Now according to the Prime Directive  states basically that you are to never get involved with any alien race that you encounter. So Spock is trapped in a volcano and Kirk saves his life by flying the ship over the inhabitants of the planet, however they landed the ship in the middle of the ocean and no one saw or heard it happen.  Kirk loses command of the ship.

While this is happening a terrorist begins attacking Starfleet on Earth. This is how the new series works it is a what would happen if Starfleet has to deal with Terrorism (destruction of Vulcan and blowing up several buildings on Earth) It turns out that John Harrison is the terrorist behind the attack and as the commanders of the earthbound ship are meeting to discuss what to do he attacks again killing several including Admiral Pike. John Harrison teleports himself to Kronos (the Klingon home world) as a place to  hide. Kirk races after him to seek revenge for killing Pike. As it turns out John Harrison comes willingly and it turns out that he is not John Harrison but KHAN!!!!! despite all the rumors that said Khan would not be in the movie.

So as it turns out the Fleet Admiral Marcus is the real villain of the movie he want to weaponize and become a space navy so Starfleet is ready for any attack that may come. We get some nice moments later on, one bit that echoes the ending of Wrath of Khan and we have another moment with “old” Spock. With plans for a third movie it seems very likely that it will focus on some war between Starfleet and the Klingons. All in all it was a good movie and it had a couple of nice twist in it as well.


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