ARGO (2012)

English: Cover movie poster that was created b...

English: Cover movie poster that was created by the CIA as part of their cover legend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright I finally have seen Argo. You remember the most recent winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.  It is the story of the declassified extradition of the six embassy workers who escaped to the Canadian ambassador’s house after the US embassy was taken over by Iranians in 1979. It was an exciting film and all but I really didn’t think that it was that special. Neither was it the best piece of history in the movies this past year, by pushing the Embassy to the b-story in the movie they neglected the release of 13 hostages by order of the Ayatollah shortly after the Embassy was taken. Sure it was a movie but I wonder what all the feelings about their release might have made the American. It was really cool in the movie how everyone in the movie didn’t have an answering machine, living at a time when it seems like everyone has a phone on them at all times it was really interesting as answering machines are now commonplace and people purposely miss calls. I really liked how the costuming and makeup made the actors look remarkably like their real life counterparts as we see during the end credits, well almost everyone Ben Affleck is a bit too tall to be Tony Mendez.

It would have been cool if the movie was actually Argo, the movie they use as a cover to get the six out of Iran.  I wonder how the writer of Lord of Light, the story that the fictional movie Argo was based felt about his story never making it to the screen. If this ever happened today I believe they would have had to actually make the movie with all the film sites on the internet talking up just about every movie. Now there are some out there that say that the only reason Argo won Best Picture was because Hollywood wanting to pat itself on the back and say look at what we do for America, others say it was because Ben Affleck was not nominated as Best Director, I doubt we will ever know the real reason. All in all Argo will end up as one of those Best Pictures that few people remember, it seem like this is a trend with recent Best Picture winners. Sure Ben Affleck again proved that he can direct movies but does he always need to be the star in his movies, although this seems to be a common practice among other actor/directors in Hollywood. Now can we finally forgive him for some horrible acting choices he’s made.


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